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How To Save Money On Food

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist onMarch 16, 2018

We all pass through phases in life where money is tight. Thankfully for us, there are certain expenses that we can simply do away with, for example cable television, gym memberships, and eating out at restaurants. Despite this, there are other expenditures that we simply can’t avoid. Debt repayments, rent and school fees are just a few of the necessary expenses that are fixed and there’s very little we can do about it. Having said this, there is one mandatory expense where we can all save a lot of money; and that expense is food.

Having carried out some research, I’ve discovered there are a variety of ways in which we can all save on food expenses. It goes without saying, eating out at restaurants is much more expensive than eating at home, but I’m talking about saving money on your weekly grocery bills. You’ll be amazed at just how much money you can save by sticking to some general guidelines, so here are some helpful tips that can save you thousands of dollars every year on your grocery bills.

Plan your meals and write a shopping list
Have you ever had to throw out food simply because it’s past its expiry date? I know I have! By planning each meal of the week, you can be sure that you only spend money on food that is really needed. Have a look in your pantry to see what ingredients you presently have, which ingredients you have to buy, and prepare a list of all the ingredients you’ll need for the coming week.

Most of us are guilty of impulse buying at the supermarket, so planning your meals and sticking to the ingredients on your list will dramatically diminish any impulse buying. Don’t forget to always keep a pen and paper in the kitchen, so when you run out of a certain ingredient, you can jot it down immediately and most likely prevent a 2nd trip to the supermarket. And always shop for food on a full stomach!

Don’t bring your children to the grocery store
Occasionally it can be difficult to organise, but if you go grocery shopping when your kids are at school or at night when someone can watch them, you’ll save a great deal of money. Not only can you shop quicker, but you don’t have to exhaust your energy by saying ‘NO’ to your kids every aisle. Quite often this can become frustrating, so a lot of people will give up occasionally, and these excessive items will accumulate throughout the year far more than you’d envision.

Shop in the evening
Speaking of shopping in the evening, you’re most likely to come across the best prices at this time of day. Large supermarkets will frequently discount items when they’re overstocked, and perishable goods like bread, fruit and veggies will also likely to be discounted. While it may appear to be a little bit harsh after a long day, you can bag a lot of bargains by shopping in the evening.

Buy in bulk
It should come as no surprise that buying in bulk will save you money, particularly on discounted items. Be careful though, you don’t want to purchase excessively and waste food, but always bear in mind that you can prepare meals and freeze them for later in the week (or month). Cheese, bread, and butter will last as much as three months in the freezer, and meat will generally last up to six months. Just see to it that you have enough room in your freezer first!

Have a go at discounted grocery stores
Discounted grocery stores like Aldi will always have goods that are cheaper than the supermarket giants like Woolworths and Coles. However, some goods will be more expensive, so try finding bargains at discounted grocery stores prior to visiting your normal grocery store. Though you may not recognise some of the brands, the quality of the food is essentially the same. The structure is also different, so it may take a bit of getting used to, but if you intend to save money on food then this is a fantastic idea.

If you’re suffering from financial challenges, always keep in mind that there are easy ways to save a significant amount of money on one of your biggest costs. By making some small adjustments coupled with a dash of self-discipline, you could potentially save thousands of dollars yearly on your grocery bills.

If you find that your financial position is still worsening, it’s always better to seek financial guidance sooner rather than later. Contact the specialists at Bankruptcy Newcastle on 1300 818 575, or visit our website for additional financial advice:

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Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
Bankruptcy Newcastle,Bankruptcy Notice Newcastle,Bankruptcy Help Newcastle
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